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We’re pleased to announce that the independent analyst firm Gartner Inc. has named SAP as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms. SAP Conversational AI is the top strength of SAP in this report, ranked top 2 of the best conversational platforms!

According to Gartner, “SAP scored highest in conversational apps and modern web/progressive web apps use cases.” when referring to SAP Conversational AI.

A huge thank you to the whole SAP team for building a powerful bot-building platform for our customers to revolutionize user experiences.

According to Gartner, “The digital user experience increasingly spans multidevice, multi-touchpoint and multimodal interactions, and is, therefore, a multiexperience journey. This report evaluates vendors of MXDPs — platforms on which to build user experiences across web, mobile, conversational, immersive and wearable apps.

SAP’s multiexperience development offering consists of the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite, including SAP Conversational AI, but also SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and SAP Fiori tools for development.

The offering enables customers to build modern web and mobile apps, chatbots for SAP applications, and custom apps on SAP Cloud Platform. SAP supports development by providing low-code tools for citizen developers as well as professional and cloud-native developer tools, supporting native architectures, cross-platform and web-based app architectures. Its back-end multiexperience architecture is based on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and ties together the front-end tools and software development kits with enterprise data and services.

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite helps our customers to simplify the development of their application extensions, optimize business processes and accelerate business value for the intelligent enterprise,” SAP Cloud Platform President Gunther Rothermel said.

Now more than ever, customers expect digital experiences that are consistent, personalized and unified across multisensory touchpoints and modalities. We believe that this recognition from Gartner shows the importance of how SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite supports multiexperience development by offering low-code and professional developer tools with strong back-end and artificial intelligence services.

Download the free Gartner report here and learn how SAP Conversational AI supports multiexperience development by providing low-code development tools, enabling companies to revolutionize user experiences with chatbots.

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