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With seamless connection to any SAP® services, native single sign-on (SSO), and powerful bot generators, the latest release of the SAP Conversational AI service allows the swift creation of enterprise chatbots to transform customer and employee experiences. Chatbots that provide the latest invoice information, change a billing address, or answering frequent questions are now available.  

Customers often need assistance, and support centers face many challenges. By providing 24×7 support using multilingual chatbots on the platforms customers already use, companies can build customer satisfaction and fidelity as they improve revenue and brand image.  

Employees often face complexity when using enterprise software, which may hinder their productivity. By providing powerful conversational interfaces capable of answering questions in seconds, employers can alleviate frustration and help employees be more productive and happier at work.  

SAP Conversational AI services can transform customer and employee experiences. Our last and upcoming releases provide all the tools necessary to build powerful enterprise-ready chatbots.  

Seamless SAP integration for all bots

Seamless connection to any SAP services
Connect chatbots to SAP services through SAP Cloud Platform destinations and efficiently manage your API service response directly on the SAP platform.

Native SSO in chatbots
Enable user authentication of chatbots into your SAP enterprise software.

Powerful Web client for chatbots
Integrate a powerful conversational SAP Fiori® user interface with any SAP Web platform in just a few clicks.  

Generation of powerful chatbots in minutes  

FAQ bot generator
Quickly generate full-fledged chatbots from policy documents. 

SAP bot generator
Quickly generate enterprise chatbots from complex O-data processes.  

Smooth multi-bot interactions
Provide knowledgeable conversational interfaces by configurating master chatbots that leverage the content of many smaller bots. 

Our software is free to use for low usage: you can build your first proof-of-concept chatbot right now.

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with SAP Conversational AI !

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  • Landry

    Since 3 months, we are working on a chatbot of a big Company. And we have problems about how properly get User Information as well as Last Name and First Name. The problem is that, we are in a African country (Côte D’Ivoire) and Name sare not always in french.
    Recast Not Match these Word as Name.
    How to get Person names properly !
    Thinks !

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