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From new features to recent enhancements, here’s what’s new at SAP Conversational AI this month!

🔥 Feature of the month 🔥 : Efficiently manage permissions at bot level

We’ve greatly enhanced our roles and permissions feature! You can now assign Read Only and Read and Write permissions to teams in your organizations at bot level! This allows you to collaborate effectively and securely on bot projects. 🔒

  • Read only

    The team can access the bot in read-only mode, that is, they can view, search, and filter the bot. They can also fork the bot, but only to a destination where they have read/write access.

  • Read and write

    The team can access the bot in read/write mode, that is, they can edit, delete, and transfer the bot. They can also fork the bot, but only to a destination where they have read/write access.

Learn more >


Better control of privacy and security for a given bot
Easier collaboration between employees
Effective organizational structure

🎉 Better enrichments for locations

Build your bot faster! When the gold entity “Location” is detected, the JSON returned by the API is now enriched with additional information about the entity: place, street name, street number, postal code, city, state, country.
Check the concrete example below, with the address “3410 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States“.

Learn more >gold-entities-detection

👥 Community support

Community support on Slack will no longer be available after June 2019. Feel free to address your questions to our team and community or search for existing ones on SAP Answers. They’ll be happy to help you!


🚨 Bot Builder v1
From end of October, version one of our bot builder (Builder v1) will no longer be supported. Please switch to the new version of the builder simply by creating a bot and reporting all the changes.

🚨 Messaging channels
Callr, Cisco Spark, Kik, Twilio, and Twitch are under planned deprecation from 1906 release. You will not be able to create connectors for these channels after the end of August 2019. Please migrate to other channels for an uninterrupted experience of SAP Conversational AI, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re using these channels productively.

🚨 New format to update words in tokens
From end of August 2019, the following route to update expressions will only accept word names. It will no longer accept word IDs:$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG/expressions/$EXPRESSION_ID

If you want to update words in tokens, the format for words has changed from { “id”: } or { “name”: } to simply { “name”: }, so please switch to the new format.

In addition, the following two routes are affected in the same way:

  • Creating an expression$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG/expressions
  • Bulk creating expressions$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG/expressions/bulk_create

🚨 Change of API to retrieve entities
As of October 2019, the following API to retrieve all entities will no longer be supported:
Entities will no longer be global labels and will instead belong to a bot.

To get all entities for a given bot, please use the following API:

🚨 Refactor routes starting with /v2
From end of September 2019, all routes starting with /v2 that are not prefaced with /train will be deprecated. Please use /train/v2 instead. For example:$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/bulk_creations

🚨 Routes will no longer allow duplicate entity values for a given entity
From September 2019, all duplicate entity values for a given entity will be removed, and no distinction made between lower- and uppercase. Users will no longer see duplicates. This will have no impact on entity detection. See the routes impacted >

Fixes and updates

We’ve also worked on the little things that make your bot building experience better:

✨ Fork intent: When you fork an intent, the dropdown menu to choose a bot now opens automatically.

📢 Upcoming events

🗓 Workshops for bot builders

Want to discover our chatbot platform? Ready to take the next steps in bot building? Need some technical know-how to enhance your bot capabilities? We’ll be pleased to welcome you to our dedicated workshops, from beginners to advanced users.
Join our group in Paris >
Join our group in Palo Alto >

🗓 AI meetups

We’re one of the biggest Meetup groups in Paris, focused on new tech stacks available in AI. We’re inviting companies working in this field to present their technology through use cases.
Join our group >

You can see the complete changelog here.
Stay tuned by following our latest blog posts or ask your questions on SAP Answers!

Happy bot building! 🤖

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