Sentence Types

The type of a sentence comes from the task of question classification in the domain of Question Answering Systems. Detecting the type of a question helps you define what the answer to your user’s request needs to be. Below are the exhaustive list of classes we detect, their description, and an example of sentence each type.

Class Subclass Description Example
ABBR abb abbreviation What is the acronym for the Federal Bureau of Investigation?
  exp expression abbreviated What does BMW stands for?
DESC def definition of something Define the cosmology.
  desc description of something What are the differences between 1980 and 1990?
  manner manner of an action How can I find a liste of celebrities?
  reason reasons Explain why she said you were late.
ENTY animal animals A corgi is a kind of what?
  body organs of body What is the longest bone in the human body?
  color colors What color are crickets?
  cremat inventions, books and other creative pieces In which films acted Jude Law?
  currency currency names What money do Italians use? diseases and medicine What are the 10 plagues of Egypt?
  event events In what war was the first submarine used?
  food food What are the top vegetable crops in the world?
  instru musical instrument What kind of trumpet is the loudest?
  lang languages Name a Gaelic language.
  letter letters like a-z Name a consonant.
  other other entities To what does Microsoft’s Windows 3 owe its success?
  plant plants What is the state tree of Nebraska?
  product products Germany is the largest productor of what?
  religion religions A cardinal is a rank among which religion?
  sport sports Garry kasparov played what game?
  substance elements and substances What are cigarettes made of?
  symbol symbols and signs How are named the signs done in crops?
  techmeth techniques and methods What are common methods used to regulate monopolies?
  termeq equivalent terms What was another name for East Germany?
  veh vehicles Name a French car.
  word words with a special property Give a synonym for “alphabet”.
HUM desc description of a person Can you tell me who she is?
  gr a group or organization of persons How are called the employes of Google?
  ind an individual CNN is owned by whom?
  title title of a person What is her profession?
LOC city cities Give me the name of Paraguay’s capital.
  country countries In which state would you find the Catskill Mountains?
  mount mountains What is the name of the highest peak of Africa?
  other other locations Name a civil war battlefield.
NUM code postcodes or other codes Give me the country code of France.
  count number of something About how many soldiers died in World War II?
  date dates CNN began broadcasting in what year?
  dist linear measures What is the wingspan of a condor?
  money prices How much do drugs to treat tuberculosis cost?
  ord ranks Tell me my final ranking!
  other other numbers How loud is thunder?
  period the lasting time of something For how long is an elephant pregnant?
  perc fractions At what percentage are you right now?
  speed speed How fast can cheetahs run?
  temp temperature What is the temperature at the center of the earth?
  volsize size, area and volume What is the size of Argentina?
  weight weight How much did a knight’s armor weigh?