Organizations are shared accounts, allowing groups of people to collaborate on many bots at the same time. Administrators manage member access to an organization’s bots.

Create and manage an organization

From your profile, you can create private and public organizations.

SAP Conversational AI - Organization

Everyone can view public organizations, their bots, as well as their members. Private organizations can only be viewed by their members.

Within an organization, all members have the same bot permissions. However, only administrators can update the members list and change the organization settings. An organization must always have at least one administrator. If an organization has only one administrator, the administrator will be unable to update their own role, remove themselves from the organization, or delete their account until they make another member an administrator.

Transfer your bots

To transfer an existing bot, go to the Settings page for the bot. Under Danger Zone, you can can then transfer the bot to one of your organizations.

SAP Conversational AI - Organization

What’s the difference between my user account and an organization account?

Your user account is your identity on SAP Conversational AI. Your user account can be a member of any number of organizations.