An expression is a sentence that your bot can understand –- it’s basically something that a user might say to your bot. Expressions are organized into intents and constitute the entire knowledge of your bot. The more expressions you have, the more precisely your bot can understand its users.

If you’ve added the languages English, French, German, or Spanish to an intent, and enter a new expression for the intent in any of those languages, the platform automatically suggests additional expressions in those languages. You can then easily add the suggested expressions to the intent and quickly build up the training dataset for your bot.

In an expression, you can annotate custom entities to train your bot to recognize key elements in your sentences.


  • Put yourself in your users’ shoes; imagine what they might ask your bot.
  • Keep your expressions to a reasonable length.
  • Have at least 30 expressions in an intent.
  • Train your bot with diversified expressions. In the following example, note how the expressions are structured differently. They try to anticipate the different ways that your user might ask for something. If all the expressions were structured the same way, for example, I’d like a pizza, I’d like a hamburger …, I’d like a salad, your bot will have less success understanding the user.


If the intent is order-food, some good expressions could be:

  • I’d like to order a pizza.
  • Can you get some pasta for me?
  • How about a salad?
  • A veggie burger and fries would do nicely!

Importing expressions with a CSV file

By importing expressions, you can speed up the bot development process.

Key Required Value Description
expression Yes String A sentence or word group
language Yes String The ISO code for the language

Please format the CSV file as follows:

"I want to travel to NYC";"en"
"Let's travel to New York!";"en"

expression language
I want to travel to NYC. en
Let’s travel to New York! en

When importing expressions, please note the following:

  • You can import up to 10,000 expressions at the same time.
  • Be sure not to exceed the file size limit of 1 MB.
  • You cannot add the same expression multiple times to the same intent.