The Bot Connector API gives you access to the richest features of the largest number of messaging channels. This comparison grid provides a comprehensive view of features supported across all available channels.

If a channel doesn’t natively support a rich format, Bot Connector will handle it and rewrite the content to have a readable message everywhere.

Text Image/Gif Card Carousel Buttons Quick Replies List Voice
Amazon Alexa
Cisco Webex Teams (Cisco Spark*)
Facebook Messenger
SAP Conversational AI Webchat
SAP CoPilot
SAP Jam Collaboration**

Currently not available

Channels Planned for Deprecation*

Callr, Cisco Spark, Kik, Twilio, and Twitch are planned for deprecation. Please migrate to other channels for an uninterrupted experience of SAP Conversational AI. For more information, please see What’s New in SAP Conversational AI.

SAP Jam Collaboration**

To connect your chatbot to SAP Jam Collaboration, you need to be an SAP Jam administrator. For information about SAP Jam Collaboration, please see SAP Jam Collaboration on SAP Help Portal.

Only the button type postback is supported. The button types web_url and phone number are not supported. If the button types web_url and phone number are used, the buttons will behave like postback buttons.


SAP Conversational AI is available for Skype but not for Skype for Business.

Open-source Bot Connector

The code to run the Bot Connector is hosted publicly at This means that you or your enterprise can download the Bot Connector and run a chatbot within a virtual network. This is especially useful if you’re apprehensive about opening your internal network to the internet. You can also vote for the next channels you want us to implement, or you can contribute yourself!