Recast.AI is now officially known as SAP Conversational AI!
Recast.AI is now officially known as SAP Conversational AI!

Bot Analytics: Leverage the power of data to better understand your customers

Understand how your bot is used,
and leverage that data to improve the performance of your dataset.

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Enhance your bot training

Improve your bot understanding by analyzing its classification, data diversity and coherence.Track the evolution in time and measure the learning curve.

Improve your bot training

Prevent learning incidents

Analyze learning curve

SAP Conversational AI metricsSAP Conversational AI metrics
SAP Conversational AI analyticsSAP Conversational AI analytics

Get metrics from your conversations

Discover the activity and traffic of your bots on different channels.Compile and review all conversations to improve your product fast and adapt to your target.

Get metrics from channels

See user conversations

Adapt quickly

Add new capabilities to your bots

Compare conversation flows to explore and test different user behaviors. Improve the experience and find pain points. Learn about your target audience to improve conversational interactions.

Understand user behavior

Learn from their actions

Connect with your audience

Every day an average bot has







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