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Chatbot building is a fun and hands-on experience. But creating an efficient chatbot that is used by thousands is a challenge! It is hard to gather chatbot analytics showing how people are using your bot, what are the most mentioned topics, when activity is at its highest, or other important insights. Therefore, it is hard to know what to improve.

Our brand-new usage metric panel gives you the necessary information to track the usage of your bot and provide the best experience to your users. You now have access to chatbot analytics detailing how your bot is used: how many conversations, users, messages are sent every day, month, year? Which skills or intents are used the most? Is usage decreasing or increasing?

All in all, chatbot analytics give you all the metrics needed to tweak your chatbot to perfection.

To better understand how to leverage these new metrics, go on SAP Conversational AI and in the Monitor tab of your chatbot. On the Usage Metrics section, you can see the:

  • number of users
  • number of received messages
  • average number of messages received per conversation
  • average day in terms of usage
  • average week in terms of usage
  • most detected intents
  • most detected entities
  • most triggered skills
  • all metrics can be tracked per language
  • all metrics can be tracked on a specific time period: last week, last month, or custom dates

Join our Slack Community to share your bot building tips and tricks and send us your feedback on our new chatbot analytics!

Happy bot building 🙂

  • kouame

    bonjour je souhaite afficher les Usages metrics dans un dashboard que j’ai fait avec angularJS
    est-ce que c’est possible

  • ravi condamoor

    Can I get these metrics via an API? If not all, at least a subset…

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