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In a few years since its launch in August 2013, Slack quickly became the reference for communication and collaboration in the corporate world. One the main feature that allowed Slack to reach its critical mass this fast is the incredible customization potential it offers.

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The SlackBot and GrowthBot are now well known and widely used. Yet, there are countless of other incredible bots, hacks, and integrations available on the platform. Here is a quick selection of our top Slack bots:


1/ WORKBOT – ~IFTTT for Slack

top slack bots 2017


Workbot works like a Zapier/IFTTT (IfThisThenThat) for Slack. It allows you to create workflow connecting different apps and chat inputs together. It can prove itself useful from anything from support ticket management, IT and security procedures.

Workbot is currently able to connect to 200+ apps. The goal of Workbot’s team is to offer “codeless” integration. More than 150 000 recipes are available and ready to deploy in a few hours.

2/ MONKEY TEST IT – Website testing

How awesome would it be if you could summon an army of monkeys, right from Slack, to try clicking any buttons, links and such of your website? Then, the monkey commander in chief will get back to you with a detailed report of every 404, images missing alt descriptions, pages missing meta and so on.

top slack bots 2017 - monkey test it

Monkey Test It in action

It’s precisely MonkeyTestIt’s goal: their digital monkeys try every interaction possible on your website on your behalf so you don’t have to. It makes sure you haven’t missed anything. Expect the cutest monkey emojis with a thorough reporting, the perfect balance of facts and fluff.

3 – LUNCHTRAIN – Organize team lunches

When your team gets larger, it becomes harder to preserve the start-up spirit and atmosphere. Lunch outings are particularly difficult: between the different lunchtime and dietary preferences, it can be quite a back and forth to reach an agreement.

top slack bots 2017 - Lunchtrain

Anyone can start a train

Not anymore, with LunchTrain! No more spams in your channel for lunch negotiations: with a simple command (/LunchTrain) any user can propose a train. The bot then reaches to all users privately to offer them to “board the train” (=get notified when the party is leaving).

top slack bots 2017 - lunchtrain

Users are notified privately when joining a train, or when the train is leaving

Finally, a way to plan group lunch outings without spamming the Slack! 

top slack bots 2017 - lunchtrain

4- OBIE.AI – Share the team knowledge

Sharing knowledge within a team and a company is essential: the bigger the company, the harder the challenge. Powered by machine learning, Obie.AI provide instant answers to any questions your team asks.

top slack bots 2017 - orbie

Obie is great to make your data accessible conveniently

Be it for onboarding or developing an internal knowledge base, Obie quickly proves itself useful to keep the team focused and informed.

top slack bots 2017 - Orbie

The “I didn’t know the process” excuse won’t work with Obie


5/ MEEKAN – Finding the right time to meet

Even in a 20 person startup, finding a time where all expected participants of a meeting are available is definitely a pain. Meekan is here to help you find the perfect meeting time in seconds!

top slack bots 2017 - Meeka

Meeka tremendously eases meeting management

It integrates with Slack and common calendar apps (currently Google Calendar, Office 365 and iCloud). Meekan is fast and particularly handy if you have to coordinate teams working in different time zones. Give it a try!

6/ CONCLUDE and SIMPLEPOLL– Finally reach a decision

Reaching a team decision is hard; some projects stall just because they are not owned or pushed by anyone, or blocked by some. Conclude lets its users start a session and share their idea with the /propose command.

top slack bots 2017 - Conclude

Conclude in action

It creates a dedicated chatroom for the decision where users will be able to discuss it. Once they reach a conclusion, they can close the room with /conclude. The chat is saved and archived for later.

top slack bots 2017 - SimplePoll

Simple, easy and functional

Sometimes, simpler is better! If Conclude seems too much for you, we’ve got a back-up plan: SimplePoll. It lets you create polls straight in Slack, using the /poll command. Here is an example: /poll "What's your favorite kind of chocolate?" "Milk" "Dark" "White".

7/ DONUT – pair people in your community

Donut is quite different than the other bots we presented today. Indeed, Donut is made for community Slacks, to foster engagement and exchanges. In a sentence, what Donut does is matching two users together and encouraging them to meet.

top slack bots 2017 - Donut

You can create a dedicated channel for Donut, and it will pair its members via Direct Message (DM) every 1-4 weeks. The pairings can be especially helpful for onboarding because they help integrate new hires into your existing community.

8 – PIXIBOT – Organize and Tag pictures shared on Slack

Slack simplified file sharing within teams, allowing for direct exchanges bypassing the folder/sharing structure of files sharing app (Dropbox, Google Drive…). Yet, if a lot of pictures are shared daily, it quickly becomes hard to retrieve old images.

top slack bots 2017 - Pixibot

That’s precisely where Pixibot comes into play: it analyses every single image uploaded to your Slack, read and extract its text and then saves the information it retrieves as comments under the image. Essentially, Pixibot creates a searchable archive of all your images by tagging them.

9 – YALA – Social Media Management

Social Media is huge yet more time-consuming than ever. For a brand, being efficient on social media means enforcing a well-thought process and finding the best tools. Although social media management solutions on Slack are obviously limited, some are quite efficient at taking tedious tasks out of your hands.

top slack bots 2017 - Yala

This is precisely what Yala is about: it uses AI to find the best time to post and help you improve your social media presence overall. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

10/ SAP Conversational AI Unsatisfied with the selection? Build your own Slack bot

If you didn’t find a match in the list above, you can still build your very own chatbot. We offer a bot building platform, allowing you to easily create bots powered by a strong NLP technology. With the Bot connector, you can connect your bots to the main channels in minutes, including Messenger, Kik, Slack or Twitter.

top bots - SAP Conversational AI bot family

Don’t know where to start? Check our tutorial: Make your first bot on SAP Conversational AI

If you would like to go further, you can also access our NLP directly with the API.


Some Slack integrations are incredibly useful yet very basic. They are mostly one-feature-app, which makes them a bit too simple to be classified as “Slack bots” in our book. Nevertheless, these apps can be incredibly useful, here are our favorite Slack hacks:

Slack Keyword Shortcuts

top slack bots 2017 - slack keyboard shortcuts

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Not a hack per-se, but it can make you tremendously more productive. You can view all shortcuts with the /shortcut command.

Websites Screenshots

With a slash command, Website Screenshots returns a screenshot of the specified URL to the Slack channel. Incredibly simple, and more or less useful depending on the situation.

The slack /remind command

/remind @user (or me) "to do something" next monday at 9AM

The reminder function is handy to not forget about small and recurring tasks. It supports recurring reminders (/remind me every Tuesday at 11AM to do something) and depending on your Slack’s permissions, it lets you create reminders for other persons.

When a reminder is triggered, the Slackbot will come to remind you. It also offers several postponing option, built-in. You can view all of your reminders with the /remind list command.


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