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Messenger is definitely one of the main bot hubs. Since the F8 conference earlier this year, Facebook clearly made bots a priority. And they were right to do so: the amount of bots available on Messenger exploded. The recent launch of the “Discover” tab on the apps is another strong signal: it helps users find new bots to chat with.

Nowadays, most of the big companies already have a Messenger bot or are planning to build one.

So, we’re left with a platform aiming to become/stay the #1 Bot Platform and an armada of bots. Some are impressive, yet most are simply bland. In the hope of pushing bot makers to surpass themselves, or simply giving some visibility to smart and efficient bots, we decided to establish a selection of our top messenger bots.

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Here we go!


1/ DONOTPAY – Legal Assistance

DoNotPay is offering free legal assistance to people in diverse situations. Its creators are constantly offering new use cases. Initially, it offered free legal aid to people seeking asylum in the US and Canada by helping them complete immigration form. Now, they even offer a chatbot to take part in Equifax’s class actions. More than 1000 different bots are available, and the users can look for one relevant to their situation directly for DoNotPay homepage.

We are enthusiastic to see the legal use cases of chatbots getting traction: it seemed like an obvious one since the very beginning. We expect DoNotPay to be the first of many.

2/ LARA – Dating Chatbot

Meetic/Match launched its chatbot this year, Lara. Lara is essentially a conversational interface to Match’s services: she guides users through the creation of their profile and quizzes them about their preferences to find the best matches. Everything happens within the messaging app, so the users don’t have to switch.

 top messenger bots - Lara
top messenger bots - Lara of

We love Lara because it seems to be an innovative response to the “swipe fatigue” which appeared in the wake of Tinder. Let’s see how she goes from here.

3/ MEDITATEBOT – Mindfulness, in a bot

Bots, among many other things, can be a tremendous personal assistants. MeditateBot helps you stay calm – a simple but powerful value proposition, right? To do so, the bot guides its users through meditation exercises. Users can also set daily reminders to get into a regular meditation habit.

We are watching MeditateBot closely because its seems like the next step after the first wave of basic assistant bots (weather, movies, news…). Indeed, this time the bot goes a step further and fully integrate itself into the daily routine of its users. Winning bet?

4/ WTF IS THAT – Image recognition

WTF is That is the perfect example of “simple yet powerful”. You take a picture, send it to WTF is That and it literally tells you WTF is that thing you just sent him. The use case is light, yet it is a very good showcase of the potential of computer vision.

Top Messenger Bots 2017 - WTFisthat

This bot is essentially a showcase of the recent progress made with computer vision tech. Expect to see a lot more bot with computer vision in the coming years, with more and more complex use cases and abilities.

5/ DUOLINGO – Learn new languages

Learning a language is hard. Even if your motivation is huge, it’s a permanent effort to find time every day to practice. Duolinguo, a language learning app decided to go one step further with chatbots: Duolingo bots. It makes it easy to practice writing in another language. The user can pick the personality of the bot he interacts with, to make it more fun.

top messenger bots - Duolinguo

Even though the conversations are still simplistic, we think Duolinguo is pioneering a use case that has the potential to become massive in the upcoming years. Stay tuned!

6/ INSTALOCATE – Track flights

This one is much more specific than the others – it’s mostly a bot for frequent flyers. Instalocate tracks flights for you, straight on Messenger. You can receive alerts about delays, query him about the flight status or get a compensation easily in case of a delay.

top messenger bots 2017 - InstaLocate

Instalocate is particularly interesting because it mixes two use cases: the information bot (flight tracking/status) with features similar to DoNotPay since it also helps you get compensations in case of delays.

7/ ERWIN Riddle bot

ERWIN is a riddle bot. If you are the kind of person who is excited by solving a puzzle, you may fall in love. You start the game by asking a riddle and everything goes from here, right in Messenger. If its riddles are too difficult, ERWIN can also give clues, you just have to ask for it!

Top Messenger Bots 2017 - Erwin

Bots have been around for a while and we’ve been expecting a good riddle bots for a a while already. Erwin is one of the most promising bots on this use case, let’s wish him the best!

8/ PROJECTMURPHY – What if…?

ProjectMurphy is a bit different from the other bots presented today. While its use case is purely about having fun, it does it quite well: he answers “what if” questions. The conversation flow is simple: you ask ProjectMurphy essentially anything and it replies with a picture that represents the question.

Top Messenger Bots 2017 - ProjectMurphy

Donald Trump fits unsurprisingly well as a Hobbit. What about a dwarf Trump?

We tried it with diverse sort of questions, from the most basic to existential questions and were not disappointed.

9/ SAP Conversational AI Unsatisfied with the selection? Build your own Slack bot

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top bots - SAP Conversational AI bot family

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