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Well, 2016 was truly the year of bots! From the announcement of the opening of Google, Facebook and Microsoft’s bot solutions, people went crazy over these little talkative programs. That gave birth to really cool products.

Wonder what the bigger picture looks like for chatbots? Check our overview covering thousands of bots over 5 different networks.

Here are top bots:



On Messenger and Google Home – Productivity

You absolutely have to remember something? Write it to wonder, and he’ll remember it for you down the years.

top bots 2016 - Wonder

Star Wars RPG

On Messenger – RPG

This Star Wars bot that will take you on an adventure through space, bounty hunters, deadly creatures and possibly a few Jedi masters. Each answer matters.

top bots 2016 - Star Wars RPG


On Messenger – Travel

Friends or family up in the air? Check their flight status and current location with Instalocate.
top bots 2016 - Instalocate


On Kik – retail

Sephora brings us an effective bot to get the latest beauty tricks or to discover the best products available! It does the job well and proves to be a trusted advisor. To get it, go directly on Kik on your mobile and search for “Sephora”.

top bots 2016 - Sephora

Zombie Invasion

On Kik – RPG

Another RPG bot taking you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Based on real time, gather materials, look for food, weapons, vehicles, and try to survive!
top bots 2016 - Zombie Invasion



On Messenger – Entertainment

Take a picture, and WTFIT will tell you… well, what the f*** it is. Kind of awesome.

top bots 2016 - WTFIT


On Messenger – News

Get the best of technology and startups in your Messenger inbox everyday!

top bots 2016 - TechCrunch

Connect 4

On Slack – Entertainment

I call genius! Start a Connect 4 game by yourself or with a colleague directly on Slack.

top bots 2016 - connect4


1-800 Flowers

On Messenger – retail

Old but gold, 1-800 Flowers is now a well oiled machine allowing you to order and ship flower arrangements anywhere in the US.

top bots 2016 1-800 flowers


On Kik – health

Stuck in bed and need to gather all your forces to get out of bed and to the clinic? Healthtap might help you get an idea of what’s wrong based on your symptoms! And the information is backed up by doctors.

top bots 2016 - HealthTap

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