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Suggested expressions make bot building 10x faster.

Training bots can be a tedious task. In our mission to make bot building faster and easier, we’re always looking for ways to make it a smooth and efficient process. But training the understanding of your bot is key to its performance, therefore we wanted to create something that accelerates you while still giving you full control. That’s why we are launching an upgraded version of suggested expressions!

Suggested expressions is included in the platform. When entering an expression in an intent to train your bot, our API is capable of generating new sentences to include in your training. The sentences generated are close to the one you entered, yet different enough to bring value to your training. You simply need to select the sentences you want to include, validate, and they are integrated into your intent.

Data scientists, project managers and global bot builders can now spend less time on training their datasets and more time on creating great conversational interfaces!

You can read the complete changelog or the guides for more information. If you have any new feature requests, join us on Slack!

Happy coding 🙂

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