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SAP Conversational AI, the collaborative bot platform, is taking a step further: founded in September 2015, the French start-up raised one million in seed funding.

From calendar management, internet of things, talking fridges, smart after-sale services to optimised logistical processes or artificial assistants, the potential of bots is great. SAP Conversational AI wishes to make their development easier than ever. Their custom technology is accessible through an intuitive and simple platform, allowing users to quickly create ever-learning, customisable conversational robots, and to integrate them on any support.

Recently featured on Product Hunt’s front page, the start-up is already working with multinationals in the sectors of automotive, retail or energy. SAP Conversational AI has already acquired a true expertise in the French start-up ecosystem and is a member of the French Tech.


For this first round of financing, many leaders of the European technological sector have trusted Patrick and his team.

Among them are:

Alexandre Mignon, Head of Development, Doctor of Medicine and health consultant at iLUMENS

Etienne Reeners, founder of HighTech Partners and HR specialist

François Enaud, CEO of FE Development and former CEO of Steria

Xavier Niel, founder of Free and the Iliad Group, through Kima Ventures, the investment fund he founded.

All members of the SAP Conversational AI team have participated in the seed funding. In total, more than 50% of investors hold executive positions in major groups.


“This round of funding is a very positive expression of the business angels’ trust in the team’s work”Patrick Joubert, SAP Conversational AI CEO


The funds will be used to:

– Further simplify the creation and use of bots by offering an end-to-end service to users

Perfect the natural language processing by improving the bots’ precision as well as their abilities to understand and generate conversation

Develop and federate the community of artificial intelligence by sharing the best use cases, further the creation of bots in all areas, especially in unexplored sectors!

– Reinforce its European leadershipfrench tech

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with SAP Conversational AI !

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