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Since Recast.AI was acquired by SAP last January, we’ve been working hard to deliver the best experience for bot builders around the world. We’ve released new capabilities that make your development experience faster and easier, while always improving our APIs and technology.
SAP has helped us step up our game from startup to world-class product, and today, we’re planning to take it one step further.

In January 2019, Recast.AI as you know it – our name and brand – will be further integrated into the SAP portfolio. This means that from January onwards, our new official name will be SAP Conversational AI. Recast.AI will no longer be used in any official communications or assets.

What does it change for me as a Recast.AI user?
Nothing! Our product will work as usual, and the way you individually use it will stay the same. A small update to the new version of our API will be necessary in the months to come, but the process will be very simple and thoroughly documented.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have on our Slack Community.

Happy building!

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