Start building your own chatbot now!

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that will transform the life of the 40,000 developers today:


SAP Conversational AI has always put a strong emphasis on team work. After all, we are a collaborative platform: teams are in the core of our product.

Organization accounts give groups the opportunity to easily create bots together. By creating chatbots inside an organization, you give every member of the organization the necessary permissions to work smoothly on any bot.  

Organization accounts are complementary with collaborators, a feature already available on SAP Conversational AI. An organization account can absolutely invite external people as collaborators on bot projects for short-term missions.  

There are only two things you need to know to use organisation accounts:

  • they can be public or private: you have the possibility of creating a public organization, visible by the entire SAP Conversational AI community; or a private community only visible to its members.  
  • members have different level of permissions, making the administration of each account very simple

Teams composed of developers, UX designers, project managers, data scientists or beta testers now have a privileged place to deliver the best conversational interfaces!  If you need more information or want to share opinions on this feature, join our Slack Community

Happy coding 🙂 

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