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SAP Conversational AIthe end-to-end collaborative bot platform and no. 1 solution  revolutionizing customer service, announces its internationalisation with the opening of an office in San Francisco, the heart of the Silicon Valley. After moving to Station F as the leading startup in Microsoft’s AI program “AI Factory”, the French startup crosses the Atlantic to broaden and strengthen their offer as a world-class player in AI.

Only two years after its founding, SAP Conversational AI accelerates its development, stepping up to open their first office in the United States. Founded to create a technology capable of understanding natural language to revolutionize customer support for major corporations, the company has now validated its business model and gained the trust of big players such as Bouygues Telecom, EDF, ENGIE, Groupe Mutuel, IMA, SFR and SNCF Transilien. SAP Conversational AI now aims to become an international leader in automating customer service with chatbots and artificial intelligence.

SAP Conversational AI’s offices will be at WeWork Embarcadero Center, San Francisco

Conquering the West with chatbots

Praised for the performance of its natural language processing (NLP) technology by venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz alongside IBM, Google or Microsoft, the company wants to immerse itself in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The goal is to continue developing the product and promote it worldwide, work in partnership with major actors of the tech world and develop their corporate offer in the American market with a special attention to telecommunication companies.

The small team will eventually be joined by Omer Biran, CTO of SAP Conversational AI, to lead the American business unit.

« SAP Conversational AI aims to be the no.1 solution to revolutionize customer service with AI technologies. San Francisco is the best place to begin our international expansion » , states Patrick Joubert, co-founder and CEO of SAP Conversational AI. «We are showing how conversation will become an indispensable part of all company interactions. Companies embracing the chatbot opportunity today are considerably ahead, offering a better and more efficient customer service.

Our technology and collaborative mindset have no match in terms of performance and time-to-market. We’re convinced the American market will realize that very soon. »

The French Touch in AI

In a world where the instantaneous is now the norm, SAP Conversational AI saw the potential of chatbots for customer service from day one. The company assists corporations in the development and integration of these conversational agents, factoring in differentiation as well as cost efficiency. Today, SAP Conversational AI’s R&D is working at Station F, the world’s biggest incubator which is located in Paris, as the leading startup of Microsoft’s AI Factory program, in partnership with INRIA.

SAP Conversational AI’s technology solves performance and speed challenges for customer support around the world. The startup allows the creation of chatbots capable of streamlining customer support centers in a few weeks. Available 24/7, these conversational agents accompany support agents by offering specific and personalized answers on any communication channel. SAP Conversational AI is also the first company in the world to offer the support of chatbots in every language.

Thanks to its collaborative platform and off-the-shelf bots to automate customer relations in a few days, SAP Conversational AI adapts to its clients smoothly and quickly to provide the most efficient conversational interfaces.

About SAP Conversational AI
Founded in September 2015, SAP Conversational AI is a collaborative artificial intelligence platform allowing developers to easily create conversational interfaces such as chatbots. With more than 5,000 developers using the platform who have created more than 8,000 bots in less than 10 months, SAP Conversational AI capitalizes on this technological and user experience expertise by assisting major corporations wishing to implement new interfaces powered by conversation to revolutionize their customer support.
Having received 2 millions euros in funding from business angels and the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI) in its first year of existence, SAP Conversational AI is working to demonstrate the considerable potential of conversational interfaces such as bots through highly efficient language, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. More information can be found at
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