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In June 2020, we are further welcoming SAP into our platform by updating our user login system. All logins to SAP Conversational AI will now be done with SAP ID Service! This will make the platform more secure and robust while allowing you to have one unique login system for many SAP services.  

How to Migrate to the New Login System 

With the new login system, your data will be more secure while letting you log in to multiple SAP services using the same credentials. You must log in to SAP Conversational AI with your SAP ID The login mechanism uses the standard authentication mechanism provided by SAP Cloud Platform. 

There are multiple scenarios based on which you need to identify which scenario fits your need. Choose the appropriate option and follow the steps in each video:

1) You are a new user and do not have an SAP Conversational AI account 

2) You have an SAP ID account as well as an SAP Conversational AI account with the same email ID

3) You have an SAP ID account as well as an SAP Conversational AI account but with the different email IDs

4) You have an account in SAP Conversational AI but do not have an SAP ID 

What does this mean for me as an SAP Conversational AI platform user?

Only the login mechanism changes for you. Everything else remains as is.

Starting in June 2020when logging into SAP Conversational AI, you will need to follow quick migration process to move your user email from your existing account to SAP ID service. This will be seamless for you and all your bots will remain functional and untouched!

Why are we making this change?

We’re introducing this change to fully leverage the standard authentication mechanism provided by SAP Cloud Platform. This will ensure harmonized best-in-class security features across all SAP services. By changing our login system, we’re making sure that your bots and content get the highest levels of security in the market.

In addition, the change also allows you to leverage your existing SAP Community accounts and maintain a single source of truth.

How much time will the migration take?

If you already have an SAP Community account, it will take you 10 to 20 seconds.
If you do not have an account, it will take you 1 to 2 minutes.

What happens if you do not migrate your account?

If you don’t migrate, you’ll be unable to access or modify your bots without migrating. However, your bots will always continue to run.

What happens after migration?

After completing the migration, you will have access to the SAP Conversational AI platform as always. Only the login system will have changed, so you will still have your account with all your bots.

Once your account has been migrated, you will log in to SAP Conversational AI only through SAP ID service. 

What can I do beforehand to prepare for this migration?

In case you do not yet have an account with SAP ID, we warmly invite you to create an account with the same email you use for your SAP Conversational AI account (following this link) to ensure a smoother and quicker migration. 

What happens if I’m currently logging in with GitHub?

You will be able to continue getting access to your chatbot if:

  • You have an SAP ID Service account with the same email address as your Github account you’re using to log in to the SAP Conversational AI platform
  • You link the email address you are using for Github with your new SAP ID Service account

What if you have multiple accounts in SAP Conversational AI but only one in SAP ID service?

In that case, you can choose to do one of the following based on your preference:

  • Either transfer ownership of your bots/organization ownership to one of your SAP Conversational AI accounts and delete the rest before our next release. You’ll then need to migrate only one account to the SAP Community login system.
  • Or keep all your separate SAP Conversational AI accounts and create additional SAP Community accounts for those that don’t currently have one.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Please use the comments section below or visit SAP Answers.

Happy coding!

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  • ollie314

    It doesn’t work for me. I have an account on sapcai since 3 years linked to my github. I’ve created a SAP ID but I am unable to find out how I can link the account. Social provider supported are twitter, google, linkedin and facebook. How can I link my github account an access to my bots and my organisations record on SAP (accounts were registered where the tools was recast).

  • Kumar

    Hello CAI Team, when is this switch over to SAP ID happening

  • Joey

    Hi, I had an account through my Github, however, when I tried to create a new account with the same email as the GitHub I used, my bots did not show up. Furthermore, in the last week, my chatbots stopped working correctly for the first time since I created the bots over a year ago and now I am unable to access them. What should I do?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Team,
    I got an issue when login SAP CAI from yesterday. When I login the website, I was kicked out soon and back to the login page. This happened from yesterday and by the way, I have the SAP ID with same email address

    Best Regards

  • techninjapro

    i am regular reader of your blog you guys are doing excellent job

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