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From new features to recent enhancements, here’s the rundown on what’s new at SAP Conversational AI:

Feature of the month: enrichments for custom entities

Today, we provide around 30 gold entities that are enriched with key data when detected. Because this greatly speeds up and simplifies your bot training, we wanted to take it a step further. Now, you can add enrichments to the custom entities you create yourself! Set up your new JSON parameter, provide the data, and your custom entities will automatically provide enriched actionable data when detected. Learn more


 Faster implementation of your bot logic 
✨ Training is fully centralized on the platform 
 Less code to write 

Reality check in training analytics

For your bot to perform at its best, your bot’s training needs to reflect how your users speak to your bot in reality! The reality check, now available in Training Analytics, provides insights on how close your dataset is to real data from your users. This way, you can perfect it and hugely improve your bot’s performance! Learn more


Message delay

While we always advise introducing your bots as bots and not as humans, making them feel human-like is always good! To help you create smoother interfaces, we’ve added a message delay timer that you can set between 0 and 5 seconds. Now your bot can take a breath before each message! Learn more


Open source bot connector

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our community to create bots. That’s why today we’re happy to open source our Bot Connector! You need to connect your bot to a new channel? Develop the integration, do a pull request on GitHub, and we’ll be happy to integrate it! Start collaborating


Important announcements

🚨 To comply with GDPR requirements, you need to verify your email address by March 2019 to continue to use the platform. You can easily do this in your settings. We urge you to take care of this as soon as possible so that you can continue to build bots smoothly.

🚨 Due to our recent change of our domain name from to, you might need to update a few components of your bots. Please follow this tutorial to ensure a smooth migration.

Fixes and updates

We’ve also worked on the little things that make your bot building experience better:

✨ We’ve improved the csv upload of the validation file in Training Analytics and fixed the benchmark duration issue. 
✨ We’ve added hover-over messages with bot building tips around the platform, helping you to better understand each step. 
✨ We’ve improved the performance of suggested expressions, providing more accurate sentences to include in your training.

You can see the complete changelog here.

Stay tuned and happy coding 🙂 

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