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Today is International Women’s Day and here, at SAP Conversational AI, we’ve always followed a simple commitment: to open our doors to everybody! As the example of Jasmine Anteunis — one of the 4 founders of our company — shows, women have always made up a high proportion of our workforce right from the start, and we want to recruit more!

But let’s hear some of my female colleagues tell it in their own words. Product owner, designer, project manager, they daily motivate us thanks to their deep involvement and dedication. Here are just a few of their inspiring stories!

Justine, Communication and Marketing Manager – Chief of Staff

I’m Justine, and I’m in charge of marketing and communications, and also assist in the efficient running of our global organization.

My job is to create a shining window for our product, inside and outside SAP, and to make sure the people that need our technology can easily reach out and get it. No great product can become a reference in its industry if it is not advertised correctly! In that, I love being able to take technical specs and turn them into a story. A story that will be compelling to people and make them want to work with what we’re building.

Understanding how to run a tech unit inside a major corporation is also a very valuable experience, where I learn about people, strategy, and vision every single day. When you put all that together, I’m glad to be a part and make a contribution to something bigger than me.

Clémentine, UX/UI Designer

I’ve been a UX UI designer at SAP Conversational AI since September 2018. A big challenge in my daily job, especially in AI, is to make a platform, application, or website intuitive through great design.

When I started working at SAP Conversational AI, I saw myself as an atom amongst large organisms that I didn’t really understand! Every day, I worked A LOT to understand more and more, and now I continue to learn about my work and the field I work in, which motivates and challenges me. It doesn’t work without empathy (specifically for design) and without communication (specifically with all developers).

That’s why having an open mind for new things helps us to come up with a new approach for future interactions and design. Working with everyone this way is the best learning I’ve ever had!

Jasmine, Product Owner

I’m a Product Owner at SAP Conversational AI and previously co-founder of Recast.AI. What is really important to me every day is not linked to my day-to-day job, but more about the impact we can have as an innovative product at SAP and in the world. I guess that what really drives me is to be able to create something new every day, even if it’s only a small thing — always keep the creation process ongoing.

A second thing that I really like in this adventure is our team and the people around me every day. At the end of the day, you can work on any product, but it’s better if it’s with the people you like and if everyone shares the same vision and values. When you feel this kind of “symbiosis”, you can achieve anything!

Christine, Product Owner

I’m a product owner in the digital field and more precisely AI. This role is exciting, as the market is constantly evolving and this is particularly true for new technologies.

I have the chance and opportunity to collect and challenge the product features in order to define a solution that meets customer and market expectations and that keeps improving the user experience. Creativity and innovation are needed to bring an added value that makes a real difference. I also define the stories and the priorities to maximize the product value.

Moreover, I really think that collaboration and communication are key to best achieve common goals. I enjoy working closely with different teams like Engineering, Data Science, Design, and Marketing, but also with peers from different countries as this brings diversity and a rich cultural environment.

Juliette, Executive Assistant Intern

I’m the executive assistant at the Paris office. I help organize travel and meetings, and assist with the recruiting process and the budget. I like this job because I enjoy organizing events, making sure that all tasks have been completed to deliver a great experience. It’s also a way to see if I’d like to take event planning further for my first job.

Doing my internship at SAP also involves belonging to a global community. This is a great setting to work in an international environment and it offers opportunities to work abroad later on.

Aurélie, Project Manager

My job is to get client feedback and help drive the conception of new features. This constant link between our clients and the product is one of the most interesting parts of my job, as it gives us great insights into what we have to improve to keep our platform the best.

I also really appreciate training our internal team at SAP so everybody can understand and apply the same methodology to build high-quality bots. For me, the good atmosphere at our offices and the great relationship between all the team members is also an important part in our daily job, as it’s a major motivation factor!

Of course, these are just a few of the many talents we have in our team, and more globally at SAP. If you’d like to take part in this tech adventure, feel free to mail me!

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