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Today, SAP Conversational AI (previously know as Recast.AI since its recent acquisition) allows the building of multilingual bots. It means your bot is able to be trained in every language used around the world, guaranteeing a comfortable experience to users everywhere. 
However, our goal is to make bot building faster and easier for developers. That’s why we provide advanced support of a few languages!

Multilingual bots on our platform: different levels for langages

We are today excited to announce that German is joining English, Spanish and French as an advanced language! These four languages are now specifically tailored for bot building. 

You’re probably wondering what the differences between advanced, basic and standard are. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, but let’s first start with the basics.

How do I add a language to build a multilingual bot? 

Addind a language is easy. You simply need to create a new language tab in the Train section and enter expressions in the new language.

 As simple as that!

What changes for bots in German?

German is now an advanced language, meaning it benefits from all the fancy features French, English and Spanish provide. Let’s have a look: 

Intent Classification 

An intent is a box of expressions that all mean the same thing but are constructed in different ways. Intents are the heart of your bot’s understanding because they each represent an idea your bot will be able to understand. With Intent Classification, your bot will classify each section of an expression into broken down categories to understand the intention behind the input it has received for a better understanding of your users. 

Gold & custom entities 

An entity is a keyword extracted from an expression. It detects and uses information your users give. We automatically detect 35+ different entities such as datetimes, names or locations: they’re gold entities! But you are not limited to these gold entities: you can also tag your own custom entities to detect keywords depending on your bot’s context, such as metro stations if you are building a transport assistant. The detection of these gold entities is now available in German!

Sentiment analysis, enrichment, type & act 

Is your user happy, midly annoyed or really angry? Thanks to sentiment analysis, you know how your user is feeling throughout the conversation. By detecting the type and act, your bot also detects which type of sentence your user is using, making it easy for you to setup a reply. You can now adapt your interactions in real-time to provide an efficient and smooth experience!

Context management 

As one of our newest features, context management gives bots built with SAP Conversational AI a greater sense of conversational awareness and helps you create human-like conversations by reducing the chances of misdetected entities. 

Now that German joins English, French and Spanish as an advanced language, you have an entire new playground for bot experiences! And because we are concerned about your users, we’re not stopping there: stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and reading our blog.

Happy bot building!

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