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The French chatbot ecosystem is growing: I’m meeting new people, new startups every month and today, Viva Technology is a great place to meet all of theses actors: bot makers, chatbots platform, agencies…

Here’s a small list of the actors I see all around, and recommend you to meet during the event! You can easily find their booth by asking Frankie, the VivaTech official chatbot (of course), available on Messenger 😉

And don’t forget to come by and say hello to the SAP Conversational AI team, we’re on the Cisco lab all the day!

Chatbot Makers & Agencies

The Chatbot Factory

The Chatbot Factory – website

This startup is specialized in building conversational chatbots for companies. They take care of the design and the building part of your bot and use a powerful natural language processing technology to build great conversations. They also have lot of swags on their booth, so don’t hesitate to grab some stickers 😉


Citron – on Messenger

Looking for a nice place to go out in Paris? Whether it’s a cheap bar, a sunbathing terrace or a coffee shop, Citron offers its favorite places! Come meet the gang on their booth on the Air France lab 😉


Jam – on Messenger

Maybe you already know Jam, this friend on Messenger that helps you enjoy your free time, according to your desires: a beer bar, a Thai restaurant in your neighborhood, a must-see exhibition… They work with brands to either push new products to users or get their feedback 😉

Clac des doigts

Clac des doigts – website

Founded in 2015, ClacDesDoigts is a personal assistant by SMS, enabling to obtain a service 24/7. You can ask about sushis, flowers, a maid for your apartment if you’re in a rush, simply discuss with the team, validate the price and that’s it. It’s not a chatbot yet but has great potential to be 😉 If you need to remember one thing, it’s this number: 06 44 60 99 90.

AI & Chatbots Platform


Clevy – website

Clevy is a SaaS platform for the creation and monitoring of chatbots that answers frequently asked questions of employees, across multiple domains (HR, helpdesk or business). The platform allows a company to create and maintain its chatbots very simply. The team is incredible, so don’t hesitate to contact them!


Destygo – website

Destygo is an AI platform to build and deploy smart customer assistant for travel companies. Launched a year ago, Destygo counts among its customers the airport of Lyon, which wanted to automate the recurrent questions of travelers. The team is on the Accor Hotel lab, so come meet them.


Clustaar – website

Clustaar is a startup based in Paris. They develop solutions to make search engines and chatbots smarter for enterprise. They have a high level expertise in Search Marketing , Natural Language Processing and Intelligent conversations so come meet them to learn more on these artificial intelligence technology!


Smartly – website

Smartly is a conversational AI platform for voice and chatbots. It’s really simple if you want to start with no coding skills to create your first voice bot. You can create your flow and connect your bot to the most popular voice channels like Alexa, Google Home inside the platform. The new platform version has just been released so go check it and request your access 😉


Thats it! I hope you will find lot of others interesting startups at VivaTech. And remember, if you’re interested in chatbots, and if you’re based in Paris I suggest you to come meet all the ecosystem during meetups:


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