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Building a powerful enterprise chatbot as a corporation can be hard. Our customers often need help on how to better train the understanding of their bots, how to build them faster or how to facilitate their upkeep after a push to production. That’s why we decided to work on a series of features that will revolutionize the bot building experience for corporations.

A fastest and highest performing bot building software

SAP Conversational AI (formerly known as Recast.AI) is proud to release new product features, making SAP Conversational AI the fastest and highest performing bot building solution on the market! Corporations can now roll out powerful customer support bots to drastically boost their productivity in days.

"Building a performing bot for corporations usually takes 9 months. We’ve reduced it to 9 weeks. Our goal is to make it to 9 days, and our new offer is one step closer to making this a reality."
— Omer Biran, Managing Director of SAP Conversational AI

The release has been developed with the input of our 30+ existing customers. Major corporations like SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Groupe Mutuel are using SAP Conversational AI to automate their customer support. It is to make their experience and the experience of our future customers brilliantly fast, easy and highly performing that our new features are today announced.

Here are five capabilities that will transform the landscape of enterprise chatbots:

Training Analytics

No need to hire an army of data scientists: our product tells you everything you need to do to build the best chatbot! We’ve created a brand-new analytics panel where users can analyze the performance of their training datasets. Our bot building platform also provides live tips on how to improve bot performance.

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Usage Analytics

Project managers don’t need to guess what users are talking about: we tell you all you need to know about their behavior. We’ve enhanced our analytics panel detailing the usage of bots.  One of our customers was able to discover that their users were massively talking about a topic the bot didn’t cover, and decided to integrate it, drastically increasing customer satisfaction.

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Q&A Bot Generator

Bots now build themselves! We’ve created a bot generator (currently in alpha) allowing the automatic creation of Q&A chatbots based solely on the upload of a policy document. Having a fully functional bot now takes 9 minutes instead of 9 weeks.

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No need to plan extra time for pushes to production or upgrades. Our new powerful versioning system allows an easy maintenance and updating of bots, as well as a powerful development environment manager. Putting into production is now instant and secure!

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Enterprise Bot Management

No more lag, viewing or performance issues: with our refactor, our customers now enjoy a fluid experience on SAP Conversational AI, saving them time and frustration.

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All features will be available by the end of October 2018. To learn more about our newest offer, please reach out to us.

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