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This article is written by Nicolas Leroux from Botletter. 

You’ve crafted an awesome product and you are wondering how to display it to the world? I’ve got good news for you: with the right tools and methodology, it won’t even be hard. We’re obviously talking about an awesome product solving a real problem. 

Content marketing can help you create an organic growth channel for your business. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, an infographic or a side project, it has the potential to attract of thousands visitors potentially interested in using your product. It’s time-consuming, so you want to make sure you make the most of it. This is precisely where chatbots come into play.

Chatbots and content get along very well as chatbots are really efficient to deliver information in the most accessible way. By understanding the context better, chatbots are able to share the right information at the right time. The result is simple: higher open-rate, click-through-rate and conversion rate. You do the math: doing marketing with chatbots can quickly increase your revenues.

Creating content takes time and is hard to promote

Comparing to other marketing strategies, producing quality content is time consuming. Some marketers despise content as it’s not scalable enough. Yes, content marketing takes time, but if you promote it the right way, it will be a be a huge boost for your revenues. For example, Buffer gets around 3000 signups from their blog every month!

Source: Twitter

The promotion part is the hardest one. It can be divided into different categories:

  • Social Media: share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… You can automate the promotion using scheduling tools like Buffer. Social Media can lead to virality but it’s usually a one-shot.
  • Search Engine Optimization: you can optimize your content to rank high for popular queries on Google or Bing. This is the best way to increase your organic acquisition in the long-term period.
  • Newsletters: build a following and send your new content pieces to your subscribers. This is usually really efficient as people want to get your content on a regular basis. However, email newsletters get less and less opened…

Even if your content is amazing, if you are not nailing the promotion part, it will not move the needle for your business.

Chatbots offer many new ways to leverage your content to grow your business

Hopefully, chatbots are here to recast the way you create, promote & leverage content marketing to grow your business. To be efficient on promoting your content, you have to choose the right channel.

A HubSpot Digital Consumer Trends Report shows that new generations are less interested in getting informations by email and prefer social formats. This is not surprising as messaging apps have proven to be one of the hottest new channels to promote your content and convert your audience. Over three-quarters (76.3%) of the world’s smartphone users use a messaging app.The four leading messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, QQ Mobile and WeChat) gather nearly four billion people alone. Besides, according to Comscore, Messaging apps represent 91% of all time spent on mobiles and desktops by US users.


#1 Get a higher engagement rate for your newsletter using Facebook Messenger instead of emails

Messenger is used by over 1 billion active users throughout the world. With an average open-rate of 80% and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email, Messenger is definitely a channel you want to explore as a marketer, especially when Mailchimp’s data shows that, on average, only 20% of emails are opened.

One way to take advantage of Facebook’s messaging app is to send your content right into Messenger instead of just using emails. Chatbots taking advantage of Facebook’s API are a perfect vehicle to promote your content.

For example, Botletter allows you to send newsletters on Messenger to a list of subscribers. Your content can be promoted in different ways thanks to Facebook’s API: sending plain text messages, rich cards, images, videos… Thus, Messenger chatbots perfectly fit your content and get higher engagement rates than traditionnel email newsletters.

#2 Do marketing automation within Facebook Messenger to constantly promote your old content

To assess the content marketing scalability problem, one solution is to use marketing automation strategies in order to constantly promote your old content and convert people. It will allow you to get continuous qualified traffic to your website.

With Botletter, you can create a sequence of messages automatically sent to every new subscriber. For example, you can hook new subscribers into reading your next articles by rewarding them for their subscription: send them your best article.

If done right, drip campaigns increase your activation and retention rates by sharing key content at the right time. You don’t want to overwhelm people. Providing them the best value when they need it is key.

Also, marketing automation through chatbots is a great way to easily promote new content better. By using Zapier or custom integrations with webhooks, you can fully automate the promotion of your content. For example, you could use the RSS feed of your blog to automatically send to your audience the new articles.

In the same time, the Buffer API allows you to programmatically schedule the publication of a new article on Social Media. Doing so, you can easily promote your content both on Social Media and in a more personal way through chatbots. This will allow you to focus on the creation part.

Last but not least, marketing automation with chatbots is a perfect way to build up your brand awareness. By offering expert content to your audience, you will be able to build your legitimacy and close more deals.

You don’t have a content marketing team yet?

No worries, all those tips can be applied with curated content first. Pocket, Twitter, or Feedly are tools that can easily provide new content to share with your audience. Then, take some time to produce your own articles, videos, infographics… While your marketing team is growing, you will be able to include more and more of your own content and improve your brand awareness along the way.

#3 Easily set up a feedback loop to create better content

Collecting feedback is nice, processing it automatically is even better! With Natural Language Processing (NLP), you can build chatbots that truly are able to understand human inputs. This means that you can design an engaging system to collect your users’ feedback, that will also classify the inputs.

This will require some upfront work as you will have to:

  • Figure out the most recurring types of feedback you get.
  • Train a bot to recognize them (have at least 10 feedbacks of each type)
  • Write a reply for each of these, with several variations to spice things up
  • Design a specific workflow for each type. (ex: article idea – > forward to content team, bug report -> forward to dev team)

Yet it also comes with numerous advantages. It makes your feedback collection system much more engaging, which will ultimately helps you get better and more feedbacks. Since the feedbacks are already pre-processed, it’s also make your whole team more reactive to them. Finally, it automates several recurring and tedious tasks from the team’s effort. You can go even further in the automation, such as pushing the classified feedbacks to the relevant Trello board.

SAP Conversational AI API is also able to analyze several other parameters from the user input, which will allow you to refine your workflows even further. These include the sentence sentiment (positive/negative), length or language. Check this resource to get started with AI-enabled bots.

#4 Find new content ideas by asking your audience with your chatbot

Now that you know how to better promote your content using chatbots, you probably wonder

how to always have a backlog of great content ideas? Good news: chatbots can help too!

Similar to the feedback loop, all you need to do is to ask directly your audience. Parse their answers with NLP and automatically add them to a google spreadsheet or to the relevant Trello board.

Filter those ideas by topics and create content for each one. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to see what’s trendy around the topics you found from your audience. Answer The Republic is also an handy tool that generates dozens of content ideas from a single topic. Then, write some headlines following Rand Fishkin’s advice to catch your readers’ interest.

Big brands use chatbots to get insights and send better content. Sephora, the beauty and cosmetics retail store, is a good example. Their Kik chatbot asks users to take a quiz, which gives the company insights about which kind of beauty tips the user wants.

To sum up, people love when you follow their ideas. Your audience will be even more engaged if they receive content they are looking for. Do not forget to send a personal note to the people who suggested a content idea when the piece is ready!

#5 Promote your business

Last but not least, chatbots can significantly help you increase revenues. Once you have created a chatbot to achieve the goals of your content strategy, it’s time to close more deals!

A good example is Pizza Hut’s chatbot. They use it as an extension of their social media strategy to receive food orders for delivery and close more sales. It’s a really efficient way to increase their revenues by narrowing the gap between inbound acquisition and sales.

First step: score your leads along the marketing automation funnel. After defining which prospect you want to reach out to sell your product, configure your bot accordingly. You can easily set this up using your own database or tools like Intercom or Mixpanel to fire the email according to specific events. If you don’t have the email of the prospect, you can get it by enriching the data you get.

Then, pass your sales team all the data about the prospect gathered with the chatbot. You can do it manually by crushing the data in the database. Else you can choose a chatbot provider with direct integration to main CRM services.

To conclude, content marketing is evolving fast and you should definitely take the bull by the horns and embrace new ways of doing it! Chatbots are here to stay and will definitely make your content marketing more efficient and more scalable than before.

Emails became less and less efficient because of marketers abusing them to death. Try do deploy smarter strategies with chatbots if you want to avoid them the same fate. Hopefully, chatbots will allow marketers to send better content at the right time. Doing so, you might find some really interesting opportunities to grow your company.

Do you already use chatbots for your marketing? Share your tips and ideas in comments.

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