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So, you’ve reached the point in your bot development where you’d like to connect your bot to multiple channels. You select 3 of them, read their documentation, create 3 different versions of your code and manage the integration to each channel separately. One of your friends likes your bot and wants to have it on another channel. That means another duplication. And as it so happens, the API of a channel has changed, so you have to modify your code. By now, you have four different connections to manage, all with different structures, and what happens if you find out something’s wrong? You’d have to change it everywhere?

Hell no. You know what you need ? You need Bot Connector by SAP Conversational AI.

One API to connect to all channels at once

Today, connecting to different channels means reading each channel’s doc, making one API call to each, and differentiating your code. That’s a pain.

With Bot Connector, you only have one API integration to manage. Monitored and updated by the SAP Conversational AI team, we’ve grouped different channels into one API to rule them all. No more duplicating, only one documentation to read, and no more countless “ifs” in your code.

But wait, that’s not all.


A standard message structure

Only having one API call to manage is sweet, but you still have to adapt your code to each channel, since they don’t all offer the same features. That’s an issue we wanted to tackle! Therefore, Bot Connector supports a standard message structure and is then capable of spreading it to all the different channels, taking advantage of each one’s features.


“Well, Bot Connector gets a message from a channel, parses it in a uniform format and transfers it to the bot. Then, the bot sends back its answer, Bot Connector flattens the message and broadcastes it to all relevant channels. That’s why we decided to illustrate Bot Connector a an octopus: one brain, reaching many places at once.” Jérome Houdan – Developer full stack


Any channel, whenever you want it, with an open-source tool

It’s all good and nice up to here, but what if you need a channel that Bot Connector doesn’t support? Today, we’ve integrated Messenger, Slack and Kik. We’re aware that there are a lot more. You want another one? Bot Connector is a fully open-source project. That means you can develop a channel connection yourself and add it to our API. It’s as simple as it gets. And don’t worry, we’ve written a guide to adding your own channel to Bot Connector to help you get started.

“We founded SAP Conversational AI in a true collaborative state of mind. Our goal to provide the technology allowing developers to innovate. It’s by giving them the keys that they’ll be able to create amazing things, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with an open-source Bot Connector.” – Jasmine Anteunis, SAP Conversational AI co-founder and Bot Connector lead developer


Integrated in a suite of bot building tools

It is our mission to provide the best technologies for you to develop bots in the easiest way. That’s why Bot Connector is included in the SAP Conversational AI Bot Tools Suite, alongside Bot Understanding, our natural language processing tool, and Bot Builder, our conversation flow creator. With intricate synergies between platforms, using SAP Conversational AI is your best shot at creating bots fueled by a powerful technology, very easily.

Bot Connector is free to use and will remain so. It’s your tool. Make the most of it.

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with SAP Conversational AI !

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