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Wonder what the bigger picture looks like for chatbots? Check our overview covering thousands of bots over 5 different networks.

Note: We couldn’t display all Slack bots on the infographics, that’s why we share a public spreadsheet bellow with 700+ Slack bots. Some bots may offer services across multiple categories on the infographics. In that case, we categorized them according to their primary use case. If you know other Slack bots not present in the spreadsheet, please comment this article and we will add them.


Analytics – These bots help business owners to get insights about their product right into Slack. From performance analytics to business ones, a wide range of bots are helping teams to save time and get relevant information.

Communication – Slack was built to improve communications between coworkers. These bots are usually adding features for team communication.

Customer Support – A lot of software help startups with customer support. These bots put those solutions right into Slack.

Design – Designer collaborate on Slack and these bots are meant to help them work more efficiently.

Developer Tools – Many Slack bots are built by developers for developers. From bug tracking to productivity tools, those bots are widely used among technical teams.

Entertainment – We all work hard, why not some fun at the office? (not in infographics)

File Management – Some file management tools created a Slack bot for convenience. (not in infographics)

Finance – These Slack bots are designed for business teams and employees interested in finance in general. (not in infographics)

Health – These bots help you stay healthy while working. (not in infographics)

Human Relations – Human Relations is an important topic to keep your team motivated and get new talents coming in. These Slack bots are designed to help the HR team keep up the good work.

Marketing – Marketers use a broad range of tools and some of them are integrated into Slack thanks to these bots. (not in infographics)

News – Stay updated thanks to these bots.

Office Management – If Slack helps team be organized, these tools focus on the organization of the office to keep everyone happy and productive.

Personal – Your coworkers sometimes have their own problems, why not helping them right into Slack?

Security – Integrate specific bots to help you keep your product safe. (not in infographics)

Travel – More and more teams are fully remote and as your startup is growing, traveling is needed to keep up the business. These bots help you prepare and schedule your travels.

Utilities – These Slack bots are saving you time and efforts for a variety of everyday-life tasks.


Find here a public spreadsheet with more than 700 different Slack bots. Again, if you know others, please share it in comments and we will be happy to add them to the list.


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