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Although, at least in the US and in Europe, even though Kik gets less media attention than Messenger or Telegram, it is one of the pioneering chatbot platforms. Kik was the first platform to implement chatbot-specific features such as the Kik Bot Shop (Discover equivalent).

Kik’s audience is growing rapidly, and as the platform now has over 300 million registered users, for up to 15 millions Monthly Active Users. The user base is essentially teenagers and young actives with a strong presence in North America.

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So, for those who wonder what’s happening on Kik, what king of bots are the most popular, we gathered 90+ of them and sorted them into 6 categories. Here’s the infographic:


Note: We couldn’t display all Kik bots on the infographics, that’s why we’re sharing a public spreadsheet with 90+ Kik bots. Some bots may offer services across multiple categories on the infographics. In that case, we categorized them according to their primary use case. If you know other Kik bots not present in the spreadsheet, please comment this article and we will add them.


Lifestyle – These bots are all about our daily life. They help us live a pleasant and healthy life.

Fun with Friends – Invite your friends and let’s have some fun with them! Enjoy a moment using bots with your friends and family.

Fashion and Beauty – These bots give a lot of insights about fashion, beauty and more generally everything to shine in society.

Meet New People – Chat, debate and discover new people hanging out on Kik.

Entertainment – We all work hard, why not having some fun while chatting on Kik?

Games – Kik hosts a lot of games, here are few bots turned into games!

You’ll find here a public spreadsheet with more than 90 different Kik bots!


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