Recast.AI is now officially known as SAP Conversational AI!
Recast.AI is now officially known as SAP Conversational AI!

Truly understand your users

One unique API for text processing, image analysis
and augmented training

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SAP Conversational AI NLP API

The ultimate language API

SAP Conversational AI - API analyze text

Understand everything

Detect the underlying intent and code it only once. No need to focus on specific sentences, our custom built technology generalizes inputs to classify your users’ requests.

Text, images & voice

Build multilingual bots

Get training analytics

Train in no time

Use our pre-built modules, or import your own data to quickly make your bot live. You only need a few sentences to create an efficient bot. Our machine learning is build for that.

Get pre-trained modules

100% customizable

Minimal training

SAP Conversational AI - API train machine learning
  "lat": "47.5860920999999",
  "lng": "1.3359475",
  "type": "locality"
  "iso": "2016-10-06T09:00:00",
  "accuracy": "day",
  "chronology": "future"
  "feeling": "happy",
  "desc": "smilling face",
  "unicode": "U+1F604"
Every sunday
  "next": "2016-12-02T18:18:02",
  "frequency": "weekly",
  "interval": "1"

Get enriched data

Take advantage of our Named Entity Recognition to detect important keywords in your sentences. We enrich them with key data to make your development faster.

Auto detect key information

Create your own entities

Get actionable data

Understand what your users say, filter by trust
Act & type
Predict your next reply with the type of answer expected by your user
Sentiment analysis
Adapt your interactions in real-time with sentiment analysis
Detect and use information your users give, filter by trust
Language detection
Multilangual support, built-in
  "source": "I want to book a plane to Paris",
  "intents": [
      "slug": "booking",
      "confidence": 0.98,
  "act": "assert",
  "type": "entry:veh",

  "sentiment": "negative",

  "entities": {
    "pronoun": [
        "raw: "I",
        "number": "singular",
        "gender": "unknown",
        "confidence": 0.95,
        "person": 1,
    "location": [
        "raw: "Paris",
        "lat: 48.856614,
        "lng: 2.3522219,
        "type: "locality",
        "place: "ChIJD7fiBh9u5kcRYJSMaMOCCwQ",
        "confidence: 0.69,
        "formatted: "Paris, France",
  "language": "en",
  "version": "2.4.0",
  "timestamp": "2017-02-22T12:44:16.179160+00:00",
  "status": 200,
Use ourGetting Started tutorials,API Referenceand best practices to build your first bot! And dive into the documentation covering all our tools:language API,Bot Connector
Our SDKs are here to make your lives easier by creating a layer of helpers on top of the API. Many are available (NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, iOS or Android) onGitHub!
Our team of developers is ready to jump in and help you figure everything out. Join us onSlackor start a conversation by clocking on the support icon (bottom right!)

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